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Our Cares - Generalities

All our cares are given with respect and consciousness.

All our cares are not therapeutic, kine-therapeutic or erotic.

We offer the following methods:

The Massage Benefits

The benefits of a massage (shiatsu or other massage) are several.

A massage works on the parasympathetic  body system, which leads to relaxation. This state has a positive impact on the global body state.

It is usefull to help to*:


  • Relieve the tension and chronical pains

  • Re-enforce the immune system and help to ressource in case of tiredness

  • Change of seasons troubles: cold, cough...

  • Digetive disorders: diarrhea, constipation

  • Psychological and emotional disorders such as fears, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, lack of self confidence...

  • Helps to relieve some pains such as arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica etc...

  • Helps to relieve female disorders such as painful or irregular periods, mood troubles...

*: non exhaustive list​​​​

Les General Contreindications

A massage, especially a shiatsu, relieves energy blocages and helps the body to tend to a harmony and balance.

This work means that the person receiving the massage has to be healthy to manage the energetical work during and after the session.

It is your responsability to check with your doctor if your can receive one or several massage sessions.

Please note that you shall not have heavy pathologies such as*:


  • Fever

  • Acute inflammations (appendicitis, cystitis, ulcers etc..)

  • Cancer

  • Heavy heart troubles

  • Have contagious or infectious deseases

  • Heavy tiredness

  • Have a recent surgery

For pregnant women, please say it during before the appointment.

*:  non exhaustive list

How does it go?

A massage session is a special  time for relaxation, listening, trust and respect. It is an axchange between the person and the practitioner.  

The session time can vary depending on the chosen care.

It stars by a discussion of about 15min on the global health state of the person. 

Then the shiatsu or massage is done, and at the end a "debrief" of about 15 min is done.

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