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The Fleur de Peau (Skin Soft Touch)

What is the "Fleur de peau"?

The "Fleur de peau" is a global care, on a talc basis, which is made of precise and

structured moves. It is based on the Nursing Touch. 

It helps to reduce stress.

It is advised to receive it in 3 times, at about 1 week between each session.

This echoes to the 3 stress layers described by the doctor Hans Selye,

and it works in the nervous central system.

How does it go?

The "Fleur de peau" is received on a massage table.

The person who receives it is in underwears.

These massage gestures are very soft and the effect of the talc emphasises the "soft cocoon" effect.

A soothing travel to discover...

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