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The Oil Massages

What is the oil massage?

We offers 2 types of oil massages:


The "Indian - Ayurvedic" Abhyanga type


The Californian type

The Abhyanga

Inspired of the Indians massages, it is a detox and re-energizing massage.

This protocol has little movements, but offers an intensive relaxation. 

It is possible to add a work with Gua Sha if necessary.

The Californian

Massage from the United States, it is a whole body massage.

It is made of many relaxing movements, and provides a powerfull soothing feeling.

It is a "must-receive" massage in the world of oil massage.

How does it go?

The oil massage is done on a massage table.

The person who receives it is in underwears, and receives a normed protocol with oil (with or without essential oils).

The oil protocols are made to relax the muscles, and aim a total "let go" state.

and if you tried to let go?

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