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The Shiatsu

What is the Shiatsu?

The Shiatsu is a Japanese energetical art, known as a medicine in Japan.

It takes its roosts in the Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The word "Shiatsu" is made of two japanese words:

"Shi" which means "fingers" and "atsu" which means "pressure". To sum up: "Finger pressure".

The Shiatsu is one of the several methods which helps to transform our lives by bringing us to

more consciousness. It shows how our states of mind can impact our body  and

helps us to bring to light some inconscious behaviours.

Our body speaks to us, and the shiatsu helps to decode the messages and help us to create a

more positive way of living.

Techniques like finger and hands pressure on acurate points (accuponcture points),

rotations, stretchings, are used to work on differents body parts.

This aims to reharmonize the energy flow to help self-healing and favor health. 

How does it go?

A Shiatsu is done on a futon on the ground, and the person who receives it is dressed in soft clothes. 

In general, we work on the whole body and it lasts for about 1h to 1h30, depending on the needs.

A nice travel to chill out...

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