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The Wellness center Puple Energy welcomes you to offer a service of personnal development throug differents techniques. Shiatsu, talc care, oil massage, massage with sounds, many means are here to learn or re-learn of to relax and find our own balance.

Take care of your body, and chill out your mind!

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Focus on... the Shiatsu



The Shiatsu aims to restore the body energy flow to promote health and self-healing. 

Working on the whole body, a shiatsu is received dressed, in soft clothes, and allows to deeply relax.

It is recommended to receive a shiatsu around the inter-seasons (spring and autumn) to help the body with the climate changes.

Furthermore, we advise you to have a shiatsu "follow" in order to help your body with restoring its energy balance, and this based on several weeks.


Discover our Shiatsu Pack made of 4 Shiatsu in our PRICES page. 

The Queen of Winter:

The Royal Jelly


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the  winter season corresponds to the element of water.

Water element prevails on the organs couple "Kidney/Bladder".


The kidneys strenght is directly linked to our vital energy.

It is often that we feel a bit down or tired during winter, one of the remedy offered by the bee-therapy to sustain our kidneys is to eat the Royal Jelly.

Mixed in honey, the royal jelly will give you the strength to go through winter and boost your immune system.

Vibrason - Singing & Drums with horses

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